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The History of Kuaihelani... lends itself to the imagination of an era of discovery. Originally held in the Alii land divides of old Hawaii, this 18-acre, Upcountry Maui estate was purchased in the early 1920's by the chief botanist of Dole Pineapple on Oahu. In a search for the perfect botanical environment, Kuaihelani was discovered for its unique climate protected from the afternoon tradewind showers of windward Haleakala, 3,000 feet above sea level, with the perfect amount of annual rainfall.

From 1920 to 1947, the estate was primarily used for the study of tubular flowers. Daily high and low temperatures were recorded, as well as any precipitation. Detailed journal entries, discovered by the current owners, recorded every aspect of life at Kuaihelani. Though scientific visits lasted only four weeks at a time, every bulb and seedling placed into the soil was documented and monitored. During World War II, Kuaihelani was commissioned to grow only food, as water was a precious commodity. Throughout it's colorful past, Kuaihelani was a safe place secure in the heavens, where flowers were harvested for their gift of beauty as well as their contribution to scientific study.

At its peak, Kuaihelani was a major contributor to the Maui County Fair floral exhibits in the early part of this century. It has been written that during the late 1930's, it took over three days to transport the nearly-200 varieties of flowers that were in bloom throughout the estate down to the County Fairgrounds. This trip "down country" is only a 30-minute drive today.

Truly a labor of love, the estate was discovered by the current owners in early 1990. Though the landscape had over grown and the buildings had slumped into disarray, Kuaihelani and all her history deserved a resurrection. With pain-staking efforts and attention to every detail, restoration of the historic structures were completed after three years.

The Tudor Cottage, and our Makai Cottage, offer Upcountry accommodations beyond compare. All are smoke-free.

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